October 1998: Mandy and Bernie get their faces in the local rag ...








20 Months


Christmas is nearly here.. and the family are all getting Chicken pox. I am a very tough little boy as I hardly got any, just few spots, but I didn't complain once. Mummy heard that I may have a high tolerance to pain/itching. I did get it mildly compared to the rest of my family. I, Christopher Andrew, am so proud of myself as I am starting to stand up by myself and hold on to furniture. This Mummy tells me is called cruising. It is easy to balance myself, I just put out my arm if I am about to fall. This so called standing thing I cant do yet, due to my weak stomach muscles. No more new words have come out so far but I do understand sign language now. For example if Mummy signs 'eat' without saying anything I respond by saying 'more'.





22 Months


Gosh!!!! This is great fun, I now can stand at the edge of a queen size bed and can cruise from one side all the way around to the other side. I still fall over if no one is holding on to me but I can lift myself up as I have hyper tonic legs which support my own weight but my stomach muscles are still too weak right now. Hey, I have got into a proper crawling position a few times using my knees and even made a few steps forwards though my main method of movement right now is still the 'commando crawl'. I say a new 'word' .. 'yayayaya'. It's the 17th of February and I was playing with the Physiotherapist, dropping toys and laughing. The physio kept on saying 'uh-oh' ..I also said 'uh-oh' delighting Mummy in the process.

From the19th to the 28th of February, Mummy went away for child free holiday. While she was away I discovered another use for my building blocks. Rather than just putting them in my mouth, I found out that you can actually join them together. Matthew had been showing me for years how the pieces go together. Now I will happily spend about 15 minutes standing against the coffee table playing with my Lego blocks.
















23 Months


There is a lot of things I am discovering lately. Now I am beginning to sign back to Mummy when she asks me if I want some food. She says I am also getting much heavier .. 12 kg. Lately I have been able to get off the sofa by myself without falling on my face anymore. I now turn around and lower my feet to the floor over the edge of the sofa. Mummy said since I keep on getting ear infections, we have been told that it would be best if my adenoids were removed. The grommets are working according to the ENT but there is just a little too much fluid for them to cope. I can now sit upright on the sofa without falling over, and am very proud of myself too. If Mummy puts me in a lying position on the sofa I will turn around and get into a sitting position all on my own. I will also laugh and acknowledge that I have been a 'clever boy'.



24 Months


On the 13th of April 1999, I got so excited as I started holding a spoon with my left hand and eating breakfast all by myself. Mummy understands that I need a little assistance with scooping the food out of the bowl. For some reason, my Mummy holds onto my right hand rather then letting me put it into my food.



26 Months


Now I am able to eat on my own with a spoon. Mummy has stopped holding my right hand too. At the end of my meal I love sticking the bowl on my head and grinning to make a show of myself. This crawling thing is great, I am doing it all the time now and very rarely do I 'commando crawl'. This transition has taken about four months to complete.






































I'm getting dressed ready for the formal dinner at Rochester SOFT Conference USA


29 Months


Well, Mummy and myself have just come back from the SOFT conference, over in the USA. I met lots of people who have other special children just like me. All those people adored me.....naturally, and I didn't mind being the centre of attraction with coming from the other side of the world. In the 4 weeks of being away, my crawling sped up and I learnt how to climb staircases, as every bloody American house has one. My poor Mummy fell down her friends stairs the first week we were there. I also started pronouncing "nananana" and kissed my Mummy for the first time. Now Mummy and I are back home I am adjusting well and am glad to be back with my brother, Matthew. Mummy said I am a little terror as with learning to climb staircases, I can now climb onto the coffee table, and up onto the video cabinet to look out of the lounge room window. She says that she is just waiting for me to climb onto the toilet next.... what ever that is.

















34 Months 


Apparently I have been progressing so well over the last few months. I know 12 signs and acknowledges 62 that Mummy does. My Physiotherapist says that I may possibly be having a walking frame soon which will assist me in getting around more. That sounds great fun... I can chase Matthew around the house and run Mummy's feet over too. It is great to be able to communicate with everyone and know that they understand me. Matthew and I are big buddies and are very affectionate with each other. We are going to grow up to be good friends, I am sure. Mummy mentioned something about going to a day-care centre soon which will help give her a brake. I wonder what that is, as I have never been to one of those before. I am sure whatever it is I will enjoy having a rest from Mummy anyway. Matthew, Mummy and I have moved houses and I have a new bedroom...It is wonderful as there is plenty of room to play in. Soon I will be doing more hydrotherapy which I enjoy because I love the water so much.


































38 Months


Well.... I have been told that I am now officially a "typical 2 year old". Well that is what Mummy says anyway. She says that developmentally I am about 18 months old, so that means I heading to the 2 year old tantrums. I don't know what she is on about as I am a sweet little angel...... I think??? I can do over 25 signs and understand about 70 now.... wow... I must be getting clever. Grandma saw me take my first steps the other week. I took 3 steps towards her without the walking frame which I have had for a couple of months now. Every day now I let go of the coffee table and walk sometimes up to 6 steps. Before I know it I will be walking like Matthew. Twice a week I go to day-care which is fun. I have a teacher that looks after me every where that I go. I have learnt to paint and play with other children. I am also in a bed now... Mummy was worried about putting me in one, thinking I might fall out. I have a bed barrier and have not fallen out since. I am a big boy having a bed.