14 Years


Hi all.....well I seem to be growing up into a young man and becoming quite a cheeky one at that. I am able to read at the equivalent of a 10 year old and can right most words that I would use on my daily basis. Mum is not impressed as I am growing tally and catching up with her height. In the last few months due to Mum and Dad working, I now have a live in carer. Mum has an aupair program going and we meet lots  of people from all around the world. I get spoilt rotten as they all fall in love with me and buy me lots of icecreams.The photo below is of one called Kristin from Norway. Mum has nearly completed her Diploma in disabilities and will then be qualified to manage organisations for disabilities. I have a special pair of shoes made up for me which cost a furtune as they are hand made leather to fit over my splint. Doctors decided last year that I was better off having a splint for the next several years as every operation I have had has ended up being a waste of time. Within a year or two of each I grow and my foot grows back out. Recently mum got told by the endocrinologist that if I didnt take my calcium tablets that Mum put me on when I was 2 by her own choice, I would definately have osteoporosis. The doctor said Mum managed to stop that from happening and to keep up the tablets. My seizures have also stopped and its been 3 year since my last seizure. I still am on medication just to be safe though. I now get to go on lots of camps and excursions with an organisation and I love it...mind you so does mum as she gets a break from me. My big brother Matthew is flying over to Alabama from here, Australia in septmeber to go to NASA school camp.... because of me a company sponsored for him to go and think he has earned it looking after me....I am so jealous. But I cant complain. Mum, Dad and I are going to Sydney and Melbourne in November for the first ever SOFT (support Organisation for Trisomy) conference n Australia. That will be fun.. I will right back after the conference and put some photos up. Take care for now.










































Well I have been to Sydney and I had a great time at the conference. I met lots of other families and kids that are the same as myself. I made friends with a lovely lad called Dylan and we are now good friends. I got to go to the Sydney Opera House and drove over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After the conference we went up to the Blue Mountains and then trained it down to Melbourne to spend a week with my cousins. My cousin Wendy has this gorgeous dog which I spent lots of time playing with. His name is Terry and here is a photo of him and myself.



































I am now year 12 and graduating from school this year. My mother is having a heart attack coming to terms with the fact that I am nearly a grown man and leaving school. We bought a suit today for me to wear to the ball and I am going to look handsome.  For the last 3 years I have been having live-in support (au-pairs) stay with us from around the world. I am now onto my 9th lady and have covered 8 countries. So I am now popular world wide (lol). I am reading and writing still around a 10 year old and my maturity is of the same. Mum feels that I have matured to maximum as for 3 years there has been no change. But I am happy and loving life ( and still Winnie the Pooh ) as you can see by the photo. Mum is making plans for my next phase in life and would like me to get into volunteer work. I love Ten Pin Bowling still and go ever Monday night. I even have my own Angry Bird bowling ball now. I have a 1 year old niece by the name of Scarlet that is absolutely adorable. I love giving her cuddles. Thats all for now and I will write after graduation.


Kristin and Christopher

SOFT Conference Sydney 2011

Aunty Coral, Christopher and Terry the dog