18 Years


Well I graduated with pride from school and looked so handsome in my suit. I proudly received my graduation certificate with my peers and celebrated leaving school. Mum was chuffed not to have to buy any more school products after all those years. I have now joined an organization called Interchange which my mum also works for. I go out with support workers to my volunteer work. I work at an environment centre doing gardening in the vegetable patch. I also now I do volunteer work at a pet shop stacking the shelves with the pet toys. I have learnt how to do banking and use the eftpos machines. Each week I do a couple of days cooking with my support workers and learn living skills. I have told mum and nearly gave her a heart attack that I want to move out when I am 20. Of course there is a long process to get funding and apply for accommodation. I want to live in a house with others and support workers I told Mum.

I had my 18th birthday yesterday and I had over 40 people turn up from all through my life, family, friends and support workers. Everyone spoilt me and Mum and Dad bought me a new King Size single bed for my present as I am too big for a single now. I have proven to everyone that no matter what anyone says to you in life, you can achieve what ever you want. I can read and write... I have my own mobile phone and I use facebook to keep in contact with friends and support workers. I can read recipes to do my cooking and buy my own ingredients then paypass them at the check out.. Now you tell me I am not independent... lol...Take care and talk again...probably when I move out. ps.... Winnie the Pooh still rocks..his my favourite and my bedroom is a theme of him.







Photo of Mum and I at my 18th party