47 Months


I am slowly heading up to 4 years old now. I walk around all by myself now without the frame. The walking frame was handed in to the physio in December when I would have been just over three and a half. Over the last few months I have gone from walking around on my own to attempting to run. My muscles have strengthened as I can pull myself up to a standing position withouth using the wall or a chair. My speech is going really well too. I can attempt to say many words, though there are still only about ten that I pronounce properly. I sound the words the best possibly. For example, when I say flower it comes out "fow".  This year I started Kindergarten and I am in the mainstream. The other children talk and play with me. I have an aid called Mrs Wright who helps me do all the same things as the other kids. After three and a half years, I finally have taken an interest in television though I am very picky in what I want to watch.
























4 Years


I have had a very busy and stressful last 6 months. Back in July 01, I went in for an operation to have my foot fixed. The Doctor said that if he was to cut and rearrange some of my tendons in my right leg then maybe my foot will turn in where it should be. I went in for the operation and I was surprised when Mummy brought in this big red wheelchair that was the perfect size for me. For the next three months I had to stay in the wheelchair as the doctor said I am not allowed to walk on the foot for a long time. I thought it was great being wheeled around everywhere and having everything brought to my when requested. Mum was quite tired by the end of the three months with all the work she had to do. Just before coming out of the wheelchair I had some AFO's (splints) made up for me and I had to wear them all the time. As soon as I got the AFO's the physio and Mummy took me to the shoe shop to buy some shoes that would fit over the AFO's. Not cheap either Mummy said. As soon as they were on Mummy said I could walk again and I slowly stood up then wobbled a bit and as soon as I got my balance I began walking again. Before you knew it I was doing laps around the shoe shop and Mummy was nearly in tears of joy to see me on my feet again. She said that once the shoes were on my feet suddenly looked so straight for the first time in my life. I was very demanding over the next week, insisting to walk everywhere I went. We went back to see the doctor just yesterday (October 26th) and he said that my operation on my right foot has been a success and is better then he expected. Anyway I am not only walking now, but I am talking too. I said my first verbalized sentence this week too. I am a very clever boy now!!! : )





































5 Years


I am now 5 years old and I am full of energy, sometimes too much for Mum to handle. I am in a main stream Pre-Primary School with my aid Mrs Wright. I have found lots of friends who except me for who I am. Just back in May I was invited to my first birthday party and Mummy was more thrilled then I was. I am now able to write a letter "C", "H", "I" & "S", and sometimes I actually get them in the right order. I am seeing a private speech therapist and she has been using a certain method which is working to help me talk. I can now put me "t"s at the beginning and end of each sentence. I can quite clearly say "I love you Mummy" and each time I do for some reason my Mummy goes all mushy. I now have a trike which was specially made for me back at Christmas. I went from not being able to ride anything to riding my special trike in a day. It has special straps that keep my feet on the peddles and a handle so my Mummy can grab me when I try riding of. She sometime uses the back basket as her shopping trolley. So far the teachers have been happy to have me at the school and I hope that next year in year one I will still be able to go there. I have tried toilet training though it seems like I have trouble holding my bladder still. I know the other children at school don't wear nappies though never do I. I wear pull-ups so that means I am a big boy now.